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The Griffins’ Nest

The Griffins’ Nest -- Eric Hamber’s nationally recognized, student-led, independent newspaper. Publishing all year round, The Nest covers topics relevant to the Hamber Community in an informative, impartial, and professional manner.

Founded in 2012, the paper transformed over the course of the 2020/2021 school year and drew praise from several national institutions, including the Canadian Association of Journalists, Student Press Law Center, Canadian Youth Journalism Project, J-Source, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, Canadian University Press, and Ryerson University Centre for Free Expression. The newspaper has a strong history of public-interest reporting, and its student journalists have famously refused censorship on numerous occasions. The Griffins’ Nest is widely read and respected among the Hamber Community, as a reliable newspaper with a high degree of professionalism. A May 2021 censorship dispute between school administration/the school board and The Nest led Editors to independently draft the Student Press Freedom Act, Canada’s first student journalism protection legislation. The Griffins’ Nest prides itself of quality reporting coupled with high standards and advanced education.

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