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Winter Club Fair (Wrap-up)


Cluborate has wrapped up our 2021 Winter Club Fair! We are so glad to say that our final event of the year 2021 was a success, as it attracted over 25 participants and 10 clubs.

Throughout the event, we noticed participants smiling and chatting with each other as they bonded with each other over their similar commonalities. Our event consisted of three 20-minute breakout room sessions, where 3-5 participants plus 1-2 club representatives were put into ‘breakout rooms’ to learn more about the respective organization. At the end, there was a networking activity, where we divided the group into different rooms and tasked each candidate with finding a shared commonality amongst themselves.

We noticed that the final networking activity was the most inviting, as many individuals really started to warm up at that time.

However, even though this Winter Club Fair ran pretty smoothly overall, we have had to maneuver a few speed bumps along the way, such as:

First of all, one of our executive members has mentioned that the event was ‘a bit long’, and I’m sure many other members would agree. We held the event from 2:00pm to 3:30pm PST, then offered another 30 minutes for participants who wanted to learn more. Even before 3:30, we were already losing a few individuals, and we were not left with much to work with when 4:00pm finally rolled around.

Our executive members noted that the team had very little preparation time, and were generally confused as to what tasks were required of them.

Finally, we would like to kindly invite you and your friends to attend our networking activity, happening on January 2nd, from 10:30am-11:30am PST! Mark your calendars, we’d be so glad to have you there!

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