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How to Start a Club

It's not that difficult!

Starting a club can seem daunting at first, but as long as you are committed to it, it is not as bad as it looks! Here are some tips on how to start a brand new club in your community!

1. Know what you want the club to do

Have a clear vision of what you want the club to be and to do. Do you want to start a small newspaper club with a bunch of friends? Do you want your club to reach a wide audience through a larger platform? Does it club connect like-minded people, or does it inspire discussion through (sometimes heated) debate? Constantly deviating from the main goal can attract fewer members, and demonstrates a lack of commitment. Therefore it is good to have a clear goal, vision, and mission statement so that your club can stay on track.

2. Structure your club and figure out roles and responsibilities, if necessary

If your club requires recruitments, plan out what roles you need to be filled and the person profiles you’d like in the positions. Think PR, finance, websites, multimedia, social media, and others in your internal and external affairs teams. Recruit new members with similar visions as yours, and that demonstrate a passion for the club.

3. Reach out for funding

Some clubs may need funding to self-sustain. A sports club may need to rent out a field for practice, or a fundraising club may need some funds to set up events. You (or your finance team) can spend some time researching and applying for grants from larger organizations. Another option is to look out for collaborations with other clubs for promotion or good deals!

4. Logos, slogans, posters

To recruit interested people, you have to interest them! Use aesthetically pleasing color combos and neat but pretty graphics to hook people into your club. A free or affordable option for your designs in Canva. Choose a color scheme you like, such as complementary colors, to include in your design.

5. Bond your team

Eventually, what will keep the club alive is the members who run the club. As a result, it is crucial to keep the members working altogether! Plan events or fun days to hang out together or sit together to talk about their goals and interests. Team spirit will definitely motivate the club forward.

The five steps above are some of the most important aspects of starting a club! Start small, and expand on it over time. You can do it!

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