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Our Mission

Use collaboration to empower positive impacts

Our mission is to see all the youth organizations that aspire to create greater impacts to the people around us. Through this, we hope to expose both clubs and students to more opportunities to learn, engage and grow from participating in what interests us. 

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Our History

Cluborate started in August 2021. The idea of the club originated from a smaller school club coalition founded by the founder of Cluborate. With the positive responses from the school club, she saw the potential to build a support network for all school clubs and community initiatives in Vancouver. The plan was to name our community “Vancouver Club Coalition”. However, as our founders shared opinions for the name, the name Cluborate was proposed. By taking away the location and formality, the name Cluborate paved ways for our organization to expand our ambition from helping Vancouver clubs to helping any clubs and students to collaborate and initiate impacts. 

Our Team

Get to Know Us



PR Director

Hey everyone I'm Ariel, Cluborate's PR Director. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing poetry, watching movies, and playing any sport. Also, I love puns so feel free to shoot me one. I'm so excited to meet you all!

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Hi! I’m Sheila, a high school student in Vancouver. I am passionate about learning and applying new knowledge to impact those around me. In my free time, I enjoy coming up with “new ideas” that change my experience in unexpected but often serendipitous ways.



IT & Resource Director

My name is Yoshier, a student in Vancouver actively engaged in service acts. I’m open to exploring unfamiliar areas of knowledge and honing leadership skills. As a member of Cluborate, I am thrilled to meet other youth in the community. During my leisure time, I enjoy dancing and photography. 



Operations Director

I do human things like eating food and drinking water to survive. I like to stare at the wall in my spare time. Once in a while I get up from my chair to go to the washroom. 



Multimedia Designer

Hi, I'm Emily. I like to be part of my community and keep in touch with others around me. During leisure times I would bake and journal. I also enjoy being active in the summertime. Swimming, biking and tennis are sports I usually do.

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Marketing Manager

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, a student in Vancouver who is currently still exploring my path and interests. So far, I like to bake, draw and play the piano and guzheng. I enjoy engaging with my peers and seniors. Due to that, I am extremely delighted to be a part of Cluborate.



Content Manager

Hi, I’m Joy and I’m proud to be a member of Cluborate! I look forward to meeting other youths like me who strive to make a difference in our community. In my free time, I enjoy doing art, making desserts, and scrolling aimlessly on social media platforms. :)

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What does CLUBORATE provide?



HR Manager

Hello! My name is Angela, a 15 years old student in Canada. I like dancing, fencing, and playing piano in my spare time. I also love to communicate and meet new friends, which are the reasons why I joined our club.




Hi there, it's me, Emma! I'm your secretary this year at Cluborate. I'm currently in high school and I enjoy playing volleyball, reading, and obviously binge watch on Netflix. I'm so excited to meet y'all soon!



Event Manager

Hey, this is Kimberly! I’m a grade 12 student based in Vancouver who’s passionate about humanities. I love and treasure relationships as well as connections. During my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and singing in a choir!



Logistics Manager

Hello, I joined Cluborate because of my interest in exchanging perspectives with different groups of people. I like to play games and exercise in my free time. Thanks to my groupmate and this experience, I discovered that I have aphantasia. So connecting with different people is very important.


We are an inclusive community that welcomes any club that is motivated to make a positive impact with a passion and join forces with other clubs to initiate bigger and more inclusive events. Some opportunities that are exclusive to the clubs in our community are

  • Collaboration with others

  • Support network

  • Promotional opportunities

Individual Youth

By connecting clubs, we are also building a platform to expand your connection, access to opportunities and get inspired by other youths. Some of the ways we hope to offer help to the students are

  • Provide an abundance of club engagement opportunities

  • Through our website, Instagram, and Discord channel, you will be exposed to opportunities from all over BC and even internationally established clubs

  • Get inspired through our newsletters and events

  • Get in touch with other students


The process of joining cluborate is easy! If you are a club wanting to join CLUBORATE:

  • Fill in a membership registration form

  • Look out for our email once we have approved your registration

  • Chat with your section ambassador to get to know how to get involved

Interested in becoming an executive member for 


  • Fill in an application form

  • Look out for our email once we have approved your registration

  • Chat with your section ambassador to get to know how to get involved

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries!

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